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I have designed Leadership Today in a Complex World after much thought about the demands of the workplace and the world we live in today.
This leadership workshop teaches the power of productive communication skills. Productive communication is vital in developing relationships that foster mutual respect. Respect is the foundation necessary to build teams committed to working in harmony to achieve a common goal. In today’s world, Leaders must also have a clear understanding of the importance diversity, inclusion and human rights play in the workplace.
Three Key Components to achieve outstanding Leadership:
To Embrace Diversity, Inclusion, and Human Rights.
To Learn how to only converse in Adult Communication.
To Understanding Proven Scientific Facts to Reduce Stress.
Once you have these three key components that everyone needs today, you will lead yourself and others effectively, with kindness and confidence in a complex world.
Proven Scientific Facts to Reduce Stress and Improve Wellness
Stress or anxiety take a serious toll on us both mentally and physically. There is a lot of stress in the workplace today, and in the world, that affects us subconsciously. Learn how our body responds to different behaviors, and how to use certain behaviors to lower stress which will build your immune system to fight disease, and help you increase happiness in your life.
Powerful Communication Skills
How we communicate with one another determines the outcome of our relationship with that person. This workshop examines different styles of communication, learning how to be present in the moment so we can be fully engaged in communication, and how to keep our communication neutral in adult so it never becomes personal.
Diversity and Inclusion.
Embracing diversity broadens and opens our minds to new and interesting life choices. There are many types of diversity, Race, Religion, Gender, Wealth vs Poverty are the most common. Inclusion is so important in all aspects of life. No-one should feel excluded. In the workplace, inclusion is paramount to achieving a healthy environment where everyone feels appreciated, respected and equal. Having knowledge of your human rights as written in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is also important in strengthening all peoples place in society to create a fair and just society where everyone has the opportunity to flourish.
$750 Plus GST for Leadership Today in a Complex World
$600 Plus GST (Non-profits)
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