Mission & Vision

“It is easier to go down a mountain than up it, but the view is much better at the top.”
– Jane Meagher
Jane’s Vision:

Jane Meagher is the Director of Addiction and Mental Disabilities with Manitobans for Human Rights. Jane has a committed vision to deliver Speaking Engagements and Workshops on the topics of Addiction, C-PTSD, and Mental Disorders so in understanding what drives addiction can be resolved. 

Jane’s Mission:

Jane Meagher’s mission is to educate people on the pain and shame of addiction. In her upcoming book, ‘My Past is my Everyday’ Jane shares her personal journey of the pain and shame she endured as an alcoholic/addict with mental disorders..

Jane’s mission is also to deliver Human Rights Learning and Leadership Workshops designed to give people in leadership roles the tools that are necessary today to be an effective and confident Leader in a Complex World.