Jane Meagher

“Always believe in yourself.
 Do not believe everything you are told.
 Never let other people’s opinions sway
 you, unless you find merit in their truth. 
 And then, you will be unstoppable”
– Jane Meagher
Jane Meagher is the Director of Human Rights Learning with Manitobans for Human Rights Inc., the Founder of 100 Women Who Care Winnipeg, and the Founder of the P.B.S.Toastmasters Group in Winnipeg. Jane has over twenty-five years experience designing and implementing training programs designed to give individuals the skills to accomplish their goals, and the resources to live a happy and healthy life.
Train with Janea new innovative and inspirational leadership workshop


We are never too old or too young to learn new effective Leadership skills


This workshop will give individuals the skills to be comfortable and confident in their own skin. They will be able to make positive choices as the leader of their life, and the ability to lead by positive example be it in the workplace or in any situation they encounter.


Testimonial from The Buzz Communications Group

We recently hired Jane Meagher to deliver her new workshop, Leadership Today in a Complex World. We came away with whole-hearted go-forward inspiration, which is just what we needed. Jane nailed it again! The Buzz Communication Group has previously contracted Jane Meagher to deliver a variety of workshops for our clients. The feedback from our clients has always been beyond positive.


Mental Illness, Addiction, and Hope
Jane has both experience and expertise in the areas of Trauma, Mental Illness, and Substance Abuse. She is an amazing speaker and brings humor, reality and compelling information to her speaking engagements. Jane is committed to helping individuals with Addiction and Mental Health issues find the right personal journey to recovery, as well as, helping all people understand the roots of Addiction. Look out for Jane’s upcoming book.
 ‘Living to Drink, Drinking to Live’.

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